Before April 2020, the Partnership was structured as a full Partnership membership of approx. 35-40 for the main meetings, with a central ‘Core Group’ or four key representatives responsible for organising and leading in between.

It was agreed to change this structure in March 2020.

The membership of this previous Core Group consisted of: 

  • University of Nottingham (Dr Shaun French).
  • Advice Nottingham (Debbie Webster).
  • Nottingham Credit Union rep (Ella Ferris) or Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham (Rev David McCoulough).
  • Strategic Commissioning, Nottingham City Council (Bobby Lowen/Mike Rowley/Pete Morley).
Also, for a period of time, we had local worker stakeholder groups in neighbourhoods, as below (Local Financial Resilience Groups).
nottingham financial resilience local groups

As well as this, the significant other ongoing sub-group was the Bank Summit sub-group.