NFRP Resident’s Research 2023

Resident’s Research 2018

‘Helping Prevent and Improve Money Problems; Ensuring We Hear People: Resident’s Perspectives in Nottingham Neighbourhoods’, 2018.

This research aimed firstly to hear from people who had struggled with money problems in the previous year, to understand the main causes and issues, what people felt could have helped prevent it, and what would help them to be become more resilient financially in the future.

Secondly, it aimed to identify how as a Partnership we could continue to hear people’s voices and what mechanisms might enable that.

It used a qualitative approach with semi-structured interviews, focussing on Bestwood & Bulwell, Aspley, St Ann’s & Sneinton, Clifton & Meadows.

“It feels like it’s pulling us apart. I can’t afford the food they (the children) like … It pulls you down. Breaks you.  Make you feel degraded. Makes you feel you can’t look after your own kids”


“There is an urgent need in the city for much greater awareness around choosing credit and much greater ease of access to more affordable sources.  It [the research] also reflects the need again for greater financial capability and for tackling low income in the city.  That a number [of the participants] had pre-existing debts or loans prior to a financial shock leading then to unmanageable debt, shows the potential precariousness of borrowing.”